Frequently Asked Questions

General Ordering Information

  • How does our translation service work?

    Placing an order with is a fast and secure way to receive a high-quality translation. To read more information about services we offer, please visit How It Works where all the features are explained thoroughly.

  • How do I fill in the order form?

    To start the process, click “Order Translation” and it will redirect you to the first stage.
    1. After filling out a short form, click “Submit order” to go to an extended version.
    2. If you do not have an account with yet, it will be automatically created by the system, and your password will be sent to your e-mail account.

    Please note that once you place an order and enter into your personal account, you will see an option to reset your password and enter a new one.

    3. After filling out the extended order form, you can select a deadline, upload any additional materials for translators, and provide all the details for your future translation.

    To get more information about, read our How It Works page.

  • How will I be able to send my text to the translator?

    You can both type or paste your text in the corresponding field, or upload your file while proceeding with the main order form.

  • What is the format of the uploaded files you work with?

    We accept the most common file types, such as doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, and odt. The images or documents, however, with text inserted in a picture, will not be accepted.

  • What if I forget my password?

    If you happen to forget your password, you can restore it here. It will redirect you to reset your password through guided steps.

  • Is it free to submit an order on TPensters?

    Yes, unless you want to select the most suitable translator, the previous steps are absolutely free.

    You should not pay until you are sure the order will be translated by the right person. To prove our reliability, we are ready to find a skillful translator and offer a free translation sample (around 500 characters). You will load money onto your account only when you are ready to let the translator work.

Order Completion

  • When will my translation be done? How will I receive it?

    After you make the last payment, you will see an option to receive the final translation either as an MS Word document or as a PDF file. Choose the one you prefer and you can download the translation to your device.

    While placing an order with us, you are to select a certain deadline. You can expect to receive the ordered translation within the time span you choose. However, please bear in mind that your translation can be completed earlier, but only if you warn us in advance about a changed deadline.

  • How can I modify my initial order requirements?

    Your specific guidelines, along with the deadline, are editable even after submitting an order. In this regard, to bring about the changes, please find “Edit order details” on the order page. Please also note that modifying certain parts of instructions will cause bids to be outdated. For example, updating a deadline may change the total cost.

    If instructions need to be changed much later (after a half or more of the deadline has passed), please contact your translator via chat and discuss what should be substituted as soon as possible.

  • What if I do not like my translation?

    If you are not satisfied with the quality of your translation, we suggest you get in touch with your translator in the nearest future.

    It is important to contact your expert via chat while the order is still in progress to avoid translating the order afresh. You can instantly let the translator know about issues that have arisen or guide the translator to meet your expectations better.

    However, if the order is already has “Finished” status and the translator in charge has been paid in full, your translation is no longer valid for revision.

Translator Information

  • Where are you located and where is my translator from?

    The company is located in Cyprus. At, we hire translators worldwide to offer a huge variety of experts with a wide range of skills. We equally welcome translators both from English-speaking and non-English speaking countries. To get more details about your translator’s whereabouts, you are free to ask for such information directly in chat.

  • Can I be sure that all translators listed on the website have passed an evaluation?

    According to our standards, apart from having a good command of the language, some translators are committed to various fields of study and so will successfully work on narrow and specific topics. Additionally, with our transparent rating system, you have an option to choose the most popular professional who was highly evaluated by previous clients. From time to time, every translator of ours is obliged to pass several stages of an assessment and is monitored by our Translators Department.

    So, there are several criteria you can base your choice on: • the translator's rating • the order history with feedback from previous customers

  • What is a translator's rating? How is it calculated?

    Our rating system is designed to:
    1. Establish a competitive system for our translators.
    2. Help in selecting the most suitable candidate.
    3. Encourage our experts to carry out their functions at the highest level.

    Furthermore, the system automatically calculates customers’ votes for this or that writer according to the number of completed orders. In this way, every translator has his or her own rating with an average performance listed.

  • What do translators' awards and warnings mean?

    The awards system is designed to encourage translators to do their best every time they take an order. Along with the translator’s rating, it helps new customers make the right choice.

    You can visit our Top Translators page.

    To read more about the types of awards, we have our Rating & Awards rubric.

    A translator's warning can be applied by our Quality Assurance Team, who carefully examines translators’ performances to maintain a level of excellence. Therefore, such issues as lateness, inadequate communication with a customer in chat, or any problem indicated by a client, will probably cause a translator’s warning. The warning itself gives a chance to improve a translator’s performance. However, if no improvement is made, we are bound to terminate our cooperation with that translator.

Payment and Confidentiality Issues

  • How do I pay my translator and is there a money back guarantee?

    You can pay both for the whole order when it is finished or in several installments whenever they are done. Each part, however, is limited to 1000 characters, and it gets automatically divided into several parts if the order is more than 1000 characters.

    After approving a part, a translator’s payment gets released. The final portion is submitted, but only when the order is finished completely and you agree with its content.

    NOTE: When you release the funds for a particular part or the whole order, it means that you agree with the existing content, and thus no further changes can be made.

    Please check our Money Back Guarantee for more information.

  • Can I get a discount?

    Our company has created a system that functions according to free market rules and thus, the pricing structure is set on its own. As you can see, we offer very flexible terms for choosing a translator through different pricing scales for any budget. If the bid offered by the first translator is too high, you are free to pick another one with a more affordable price. In view of this, there is no need for any other special financial agreements.

  • Is this service confidential?

    At, all your actions are 100% confidential, unless you disclose your personal information on your own accord. Our Confidentiality Policy serves the purpose of security assurance.

    Moreover, we do not track the communication between you and your translator via live chat. We do guarantee, though, that no personal information of yours will be shared with any third parties. You are the only person who can reveal your personal details. In view of this, we strongly encourage you to keep the communication with your translator business-related.

  • Can I delete my account?

    Sure, you can delete your account at any time. After canceling, it is no longer valid, and no further work will be carried out.

  • What happens to an order if the payment is charged back?

    If you charge back a certain amount from your account, the equal amount gets withdrawn from your balance on Mind that in case the sum you charge back is bigger than the one available in your balance, the orders in progress will be cancelled automatically by the system.

    To resolve this issue, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.

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