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These days, it is important to make sure that all the medical documentation is completed correctly. Every day, thousands of reports, studies, prescriptions, and other documents are written by doctors. To make sure that everything goes in the right way, all the translations of medical documents should be supervised by the experts. If you are looking for a service where you can get a medical translation done by the specialist, you are on the right page. Learn more about our agency and what we have to offer here.

Medical Document Translation: Find the Best Experts to Translate Your Documents 

Translating medical documents can be a hard task to work on: there are many nuances that should be taken into account. This is why you need the help of a professional when it comes to the translation of medical documents. We are the certified medical document translation agency. Our service comes in full compliance with ISO standards, which means that you will receive the most accurate translation that was interpreted by the best experts who work for us.

Here at tPensters, we specialize in translation of all kinds of texts and documents in such areas as healthcare, medicine, pharmaceutical industry, medical technologies, devices, and innovations. You can choose among over 40 languages to translate your document to. Our specialists come from different corners of the Earth, but they have one thing in common: all of them are ready to provide you with the translation of any documents that will be completed according to all the requirements and standards. 

Why Choose Our Medical Translation Company?

  1. Over 500 qualified experts. Whenever you choose to trust us with your medical document, you can be sure that only the best professionals will take care of it. Our service hires only those translators who are ready to show their level of knowledge and expertise by submitting multiple tests and going through a few interviews. You will get the assistance of the best medical translator who knows how to help you out.
  2. Only human translation. Even though these days, it can be easy to just type everything into Google Translate, this is not our approach. Every translation is completed by a human. We work with specialists who obtain enough experience to be able to complete tasks of any difficulty. 
  3. Fast delivery of all documents. If you are in a rush and need someone to help you with your medical translation right now, we are ready to assist you in the very same minute after you make an order. We understand the importance of quick completion of your document, and this is the reason why you can rely on us to deliver the flawless translation to you on time. No missed deadlines! 
  4. 100% unique translation. We believe that one of the most important keys to success is authenticity. Every document we work on is completed from a blank page. We discourage the stealth of intellectual property. 
  5. Pay only for what you receive. You don’t have to make a payment in advance. First, we will work on your document and send you the first drafts to make sure that everything seems fine to you. And only after you are fully satisfied with our work, you will be able to pay for it. We don’t want you to feel like you have wasted your money on poor quality. With us, you can expect 100% effort and the highest quality in the result.
  6. More than 40 language pairs are available. Choose the language in which you need a translation, and we will take it from there. Our company works with the languages that are in the highest demand, so you will definitely find the one you need in the list of languages we are working with. You can trust our translator to provide you with the medical document completed without a flaw. 

Professional Medical Translation Services: What Can We Do for You? 

We offer a wide range of medical translation services for clients who need our assistance with their documents. Our service is ready to help every customer with any medical documentation, no matter how complicated it might seem at first. Here is a list of what we have to offer you: 

  • Clinical protocols;
  • Contracts; 
  • Instructions of use;
  • Labels for products;
  • Brochures;
  • Journals;
  • Medical and pharmacological studies and researches;
  • Medical prescriptions; 
  • Report forms;
  • Manuals;
  • Production requirements documents; 
  • Newsletters.

Many other types of documents are also available. All you have to do is just send us a message about your order, and we will start working on it right away. With our medical translation services, you will get any document fast. Just remember to put all the important details on the order form before submitting it. It is always important to make sure that you have mentioned all the necessary details. 

Work with the Real Experts from Medical Translation Agency 

Share with us all the details of your assignment, and we will take care of your assignment immediately. On our website, you can find detailed information about our writers as well as all the other information you should know about our service. Feel free to chat with our translator and review our work whenever it’s convenient for you. Our number one goal is to deliver a high-quality translation that will 100% what you expect from us.

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